Peerplays Witness Proposal: roelandp

I am running a witness server portfolio for Peerplays and therefore running for witness for Peerplays. Ever since I got into contact with graphene / chainbase I am addicted to the ease of use of the software and it's (developer) community. I live in Amsterdam, am an avid kitesurfer, organise events am a dad of Viggo and was born and raised in a windmill. Read more about my personal life here.

What I bring to Peerplays

A helicopter-view developer eye, future social events, game hackathon promotions and more. I have several years of server administration experience, all the way from f*cking up my first dedicated box in 2000 with client data on it and no 1-on-1 copy via image back-ups (yeah, yeah) simply overwriting the Access Level rights by CHMOD'ding with a wrong placed [space] corrupting the server in 1 cmd. This event led me to go to the the data center at 1 AM and sitting there untill dawn and re-installing Ubuntu and then moving back the data from a backup. Nowadays I still run an app building company for tourguide apps and it's accompanying CMS which all run through a combination of services on my own servers, combined with Amazon Cloud infrastructure. In the future I would like to promote Peerplays on hackathons and social events, starting with the upcoming edition of SteemFest and it's hackathon.

What I have done for Peerplays so far

Witness Server portfolio

Witness Node - Dedicated box: 

Backup Node - Dedicated box: 

Seed Node - Dedicated box: 

Vote or proxy me: roelandp

You can vote for me on my witness-name roelandp for witness, and I also have applied for a position as voluntary advisor for Peerplays network. Additionally, if you don't want to vote for witnesses, proposals and advisors to Peerplays, and delegate your voting stake to me, that is possible by filling in roelandp in the Vote-proxy field in the wallet software. 

Thank you for your trust. See you on chain!