EOS Testnet
Block Producer Names Generator

My name is roelandp from Amsterdam, NL. I am a block producer candidate for EOS and active witness for several Graphene chains. I am currently part of 2 community EOS Testnets. You can learn more about me here.

Several EOS Community Testnet initiators are currently picking themes for block producers names which is great and funny. I almost wanted to kickstart a testnet myself, just for the sake of making up themed blockproducer names, but if that would be the single only purpose, it would just be.... mehhh.

Therefore I've now just come-up with a tool which gives you multipe testnet users based on certain themes you can pick below. Optionally you can also generate PUB/PRIV keypairs* and export to a convenient BP.JSON.

I'm open to any suggestions, drop me a line in telegram, guess my username!