Decent Miner Witness Proposal: roelandp

I am running a witness server portfolio for Decent Network and therefore running for miner witness for Decent. Ever since I got into contact with graphene / chainbase I am addicted to the ease of use of the software and it's (developer) communities. I live in Amsterdam, am an avid kitesurfer, organise events am a dad of Viggo and was born and raised in a windmill. Read more about my personal life here.

What I bring to Decent

A helicopter-view developer eye, future social events, game hackathon promotions and more. I have several years of server administration experience, all the way from f*cking up my first dedicated box in 2000 with client data on it and no 1-on-1 copy via image back-ups (yeah, yeah) simply overwriting the Access Level rights by CHMOD'ding with a wrong placed [space] corrupting the server in 1 cmd. This event led me to go to the the data center at 1 AM and sitting there untill dawn and re-installing Ubuntu and then moving back the data from a backup. Nowadays I still run an app building company for tourguide apps and it's accompanying CMS which all run through a combination of services on my own servers, combined with Amazon Cloud infrastructure. In the future I would like to promote Decent on hackathons and social events, starting with the upcoming edition of SteemFest and it's hackathon.

What I have done for Decent so far

Witness Server portfolio

Witness Node - Dedicated box: 

Backup Node - Dedicated box: 

Seed Node - Dedicated box: 

Vote or proxy me: vote_for_miner YOU roelandp true true

You can vote for me on my witness-name roelandp for miner witness. Additionally, if you don't want to vote for witnesses, and delegate your voting stake to me, that is possible by filling in set_voting_proxy roelandp true in the cli_wallet. 

Thank you for your trust. See you on chain!